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Our mission “To exceeds your expectation on Quality and Services”

Body Treatment

Aromatherapy Body Scrub

A stimulating, revitalizing body scrub that will awaken your senses and leave your skin renewed, soft, and supple. Coffee stimulates circulation, energizes tired muscles and awakens your mind. All theses benefits are included in one treatment.

$130 (40mins)
Includes Body Moisturizing

Vanilla Lavender Scrub and Wrap

A nutrient rich treatment formulated for those who require aggressive exfoliation. This scrub is formulated with omega oils and botanical extracts. It will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and silky. It is completely natural and has a sweet sugary aroma.

$135 (60mins)
Includes Body Moisturizing


Morinda Massage

A general massage that utilizes the basic techniques of various popular massages in order to help you relax, and relieve you of daily stresses.

$95 (30mins)

Hot Stone Massage

Using heated stones, this treatment goes beyond the physical and allows you to enter a deeper sense of relaxation, health, and well-being. The penetrating heat from the stones relaxes muscles, allowing trigger points to dissolve and fade with minimum effort. Some benefits include relief from chronic neck and back pain, detoxification and more.

$180 (80mins)

Cabana Poolside Massage

Indulge your body in soothing ambience. The tranquil sound of soft, peaceful music and waterfallin allows you to connect with your inner self, while receiving massage therapy from our skilled therapist (This service is weather permitted and available at specific times). Please ask our front desk for more information.

$170( 60mins)

Swedish Massage

The gentle soothing stimulation of the soft tissue and muscles is a wonderful means of calming nerves and improving overall circulation. Customized for you and designed to minimize your stress levels. This massage therapy puts you into a relaxed state. This is the perfect introduction for people who are completely new to the whole massage experience.

$140 (60mins)

Add-ons Available

Essential oil $10

Facial Cleanse $15
(Cleanse, Tone , Massage face)

Add Hotstone $20
(Back,Neck and Shoulder)

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage technique works deep into the muscles to alleviate inflammation and tightness, while strengthening each muscle back to its original length. It relies on deep breathing and your mind for communication to the muscle cells, which assists in releasing tension and stress. It brings you closer to attaining a peaceful frame of mind.

$200 (60mins)


We perform “as painless as possible” waxing to remove unwanted hair, that’s why we have chosen Satin Smooth full line of waxes. Everyone’s hair type is different and so are our waxes. We offer Hard wax and Strip wax to suit your hair type; this method of hair removal leaves your skin feeling smooth and silky with discouraged hair growth after time. A waxing treatment can last up to 4 – 6 weeks.

Vajacial – $45 (30 mins)

This service treats and removes ingrown hairs. Brightens the vagina area to remove and reduce dark spots.

  • Brow Shaping – $30
  • Lip – $20
  • Chin – $20-$40
  • Sides of Face – $30
  • Sides and Neck – $30
  • Neck (back) – $25
  • Under Arms – $40
  • Half Arms – $60
  • Full Arms – $75
  • Half Legs – $75
  • Full Legs – $120
  • Chest or Back – $90
  • Bikini Wax – $70
  • Abdominal – $40
  • Inner Thighs – $20
  • Semi Brazilian – $100
  • Brazilian – $120


Glysalac Acid Professional Peel

An effective skin exfoliation using 20% glycolic acid and salicylic acid 2% with a pH balance of 3.
This peel boost cell renewal, diminishes fine line, dark spots and wrinkles.
We will not perform services on pregnant or breast feeding clients or clients using Accutane or whom have been wax with in 48 hours of service time.

$110 (30 mins)

Purifying Facial

This facial is designed for a deep exfoliation leaving the skin visibly clearer and softer. Our customized mask has nourishing properties that will brighten, hydrate, and leave the skin glowing.

$100 (30 mins)

Hydrobrasion Facial

Hydrobrasion uses the latest technology in skincare it is a great facial for dehydrated, dull, oily, normal, combination skin types.
This facial will extract dirt, impurities, dead skin, product build leaving the skin radaint and visibly clearer.Includes an Customized mask and Serums with LED light therapy for optimum penetration revealing a hydrated and nourished skin.

$175 (60 mins)

Timeless Facial 50+

This gentle but powerful light therapy treatment reduces fine lines and wrinkles while stimulating collagen and cell renewal .A ultra hydrating gel mask and Hyaluronic acid serum penetrate deep to soft skin.

$165 (60 mins)

Nail Care

Cuticle Clean up /Rinse

  • Cuticle removed
  • Foot /hand exfoliate

$15 (10mins)

Basic Manicure

Soaking, shaping, scrubbing, moisturizing and Essie\Jessica normal polish — that’s how we get your hands in great shape.

$60 (35mins)

Gel Polish Manicure

Basic Manicure with Gel Polish.

$70 (50mins)

Spa Manicure

A softening treatment for overworked hands and arms. Featuring a remineralizing soak, an exfoliation, a hydrating mask (paraffin), and a moisturizing hand massage. Complete beautiful hands with a nail and cuticle treatment.

$75 (60mins)
Includes Gel Polish

Basic Pedicure

We begin with a relaxing peppermint soak, followed by a complete cuticle care, and a foot and leg sugar scrub, and filing. Nails are then shaped and buffed to reveal healthy feet. Normal Essie\Jessica polish included.

$90 (75mins)

Pediflex Pedicure

Basic Pedicure with Hydrating Mask (Paraffin).

$95 (80mins)

Gel Polish Pedicure

Basic Pedicure with Gel Polish.

$100 (80mins)

Spa Pedicure

The treatment begins with a relaxing foot bath, followed by an exfoliation to relieve rough skin. Complete with a nail and cuticle treatment, massaging application of protective foot cream and hydrating mask (paraffin).

$110 (90mins)
Includes Gel Polish

Hydra Spa Pedicure

Hydrate your feet with a glycerin paraffin treatment and a relaxing back and leg massage. Your cuticles are cleaned up and callus treatment is applied to rough tuff callus then we beautify your toes with gel polish.

$115 (95mins)

Hydra Pediflex

Hydrate your feet with a glycerin paraffin treatment and a relaxing back and leg massage. Your cuticles are cleaned up and callus treatment is applied to rough tuff callus then we beautify your toes with Normal polish.

$100 (80mins)

Gel Polish for Hands or Feet

  • Gelish\Shellac gel polish
  • Hand or foot exfoliation and moisturizer
  • (No cuticle work)

$50 (30mins – 40mins)

Soak-off Gel Polish

  • Removal of gel polish
  • Exfoliation
  • Clear nail strengthener or harder

$20 (20mins)


  • Stamp design for gel polish
  • 2 fingers – $2
  • 10 fingers – $5

Kids Manicure

3 years to 12 years


Kids Pedicure

3 years to 12 years


Perfect Match Dip Powder

Perfect Match Dip Powder combines the durability of a gel polish, the strength of acrylic nails with and the ease of application of a lacquer to create stronger, longer nails with maximum shine.

  • Dipping Powder Removal $25 (25 mins)
  • Dipping Powder $70 (75 mins)
  • French $80 (85 mins)
  • Nail Extension with Dipping powder $100 (90 mins) Short or Medium only!
  • Dipping Powder Refill $55 (60 mins)

By Appointment Only

Opening Hours
Monday to Saturday
8:30am – 5:30pm
10am – 3pm

The Spa will be closed on 1 Sunday per month. Please call directly or check bookings for availability

Closed on all Bank Holidays

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